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Time:09:38 am
Current Mood:amusedamused
I love the smell of being underestimated in the morning.
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Subject:Widdle Bunny Foo Foo
Time:11:36 am
Current Mood:amusedamused
Once upon a time there was a girl. This girl wanted to be a member of a snark community, but she got rejected because her journal was winky and blinky and filled with hearts and flowers and blinkies and tickers and color bars and full of ::wub::.

When rejected from this community this little girl cried "I don't care!", but her icon read "Jackass" and she deleted her comment and ran away all the way home.


It's a tragic tale, really.

Don't be that girl. It just proves me right. And I really really like to be right.
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Time:12:11 pm
So busy at work, with stupid legislation coming from places. Teh Stupid, it hurts! (I think I saw that on somoene's userpic somewhere.)

dindin had a fabulous party the other weekend, despite stupid DC and the snow. I can't wait for spring though. I moved away from New England to escape the cold.

I think I need a vacation this spring. Mom still wants me to come and visit, but that doesn't count as vacation. Maybe I'll go for Passover, if N. can get the time off.

State of the Union party tonight. We'll get together, drink wine and boo at the screen.
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Subject:Playing catchup
Time:08:59 pm
Current Mood:goodgood
Looks like it's been a while since I updated this thing. I said I'd get a journal, I never said I'd be very good at it.

My time outside of work has been taken up with preparing for this party N and I are having, of course at my place. I'm preparing lots of goodies, like spinach and artichoke dip, mushroom caps, bruschetta. It's work, but its fun.

N is being a sweetheart and helping me clean, since I'm doing the cooking. He insists his masculinity is being threatened; I told him that must be pretty weak masculinity. ;) Gotta say the guy looks good with a broom.

dot_sex_snark is just going nuts with new members; I even rejected another one. Rejection is fun.

My new obsession is Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America. Gordon Ramsey, a famous British chef goes to a different failing restaurant each week and spends a week trying to resucitate it. The guy is no holds barred; it's "bullocks" this, and "twat" that. I'm surprised you can say "twat" on television.

The other amusement for the week is that my mother saw her first episode of Sex and the City and liked it. Honestly, I think that scares me. It might be a sign of the coming apocalypse. That and Britney Spears' little sister having her own cable tv show.

Run, while you still can.
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Subject:Stop Calling Me, Okay?
Time:04:58 pm
N and I had our little reunion after he came back from his trip, and so ooops, laundry didn't get done. I suppose that means I have to do it tonight. Our reunion also meant the gym was neglected, and since I didn't go enough last week, I really hate to miss tonight too. Just not enough hours to get everything done.

Mom wants me to come home and visit. This is code for "I want you to come home so I can pester you about being unmarried and not giving me any grandchildren yet." Maybe I'll try and get N. to go with me, because that might tone her down. She thinks it's uncouth or something to discuss this in front of him.

The phone seems to have stopped ringing. I think I'll try and get out of here before it starts again. Yay for voicemail.
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Time:12:57 pm
Current Mood:calmcalm
N came back from a week in San Francisco Thursday, so Friday he took me to dinner at The Little Fountain Cafe in Adams Morgan out to spend some time and catch up and all that cute boyfriend stuff. The restaurant was all little and romantic; it must be beautiful in the summertime when it's warm. After that we spent most of the weekend indoors, if you know what I mean.

I got dot_sex_snark back up and running, so I've done my good deed for the weekend. N's at the gym and it's probably time I did the same.

Next week promises to be busy at work, dealing with this ridiculous law in Virginia, and the upcoming FDA re-review of making emergency contraception over the counter.
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Subject:Friday Fiver, till I have time to say something substantive
Time:12:49 pm
Current Mood:uncomfortablefull from too much pizza
1. What's your opinion on snow?

Snow rocks. The problem is that people here in DC don't know what to do with it, nor do we actually get much snow here. We get...crap. I'm sorry "wintery mix", is what they call it. I call it crap.

2. Have you ever built a snowman?


3. Do you do any winter time sports?

Not really. Despite growing up in Boston, my family was never really a skiing family. N keeps threatening to take me skiing. I say just sit in the lodge and drink hot cocoa with marshmellows.

4. When's the last time you had a snowball fight?

College. I hurled one at my male suitor when I found out he had a girlfriend.

5. What's the most snow you've ever gotten in a single storm?

The "April Fools Blizzard" in 1997. 2 feet of snow in 24 hours. A bit much.
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Time:03:52 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
I need a haircut. My hair is getting incredibly long, and I should just make an appointment and get it cut. N. keeps telling me that one day I'm going to just cut it all off. It's a tempting thought-I haven't had short hair in years, and it was kind of cute. If I do that I'll have to get it cut more often, but I can live with that.

I should start planning some birthday fun. With classes starting I shouldn't wait until the last minute - at least it means no exams or papers to conflict with my fun. Maybe drinks somewhere in Adams Morgan or something.

And perhaps a birthday wish list...

Lush Bath Bombs
this knife, which I fell in love with
A cast iron skillet
Mini Quiche Dishes (I want to try and have a brunch thing with individual quiches later this year.)
Cook books
Cooking classes (maybe from N.)
One of those Ov-Gloves "as seen on tv". I wonder if they actually work.

Those are my wishes, for today. I reserve the right to change my mind at will.
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Subject:Where did it all go wrong?
Time:09:25 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
Sooooooo the text on my "friends" view is MASSIVE. Thoughts?
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Time:03:53 pm
Current Mood:accomplishedaccomplished
Once upon a time, not long ago, there lived a princess named Atalanta, who could run as fast as the wind. She was so bright, and so clever, and could build things and fix things so wonderfully that many young men wished to marry her. "What shall I do?" said Atalanta's father, who was a powerful king. "So many young men want to marry you, and I don't know how to choose."
"You don't have to choose, father," said Atalanta. "I will choose. And I'm not sure that I will choose to marry anyone at all."

"Of course you will," said the king. "Everybody gets married. It's what people do."

"As for me," Atalanta told him, "I intend to go out and see the world. When I come home, perhaps I will marry, and perhaps I will not."

The king did not like this at all. He was a very ordinary king: powerful, and used to having his way. So he told Atalanta, "I have decided how to choose the young man you will marry. I will hold a great race, and the winner, the swiftest and fleetest young man of all, will win the right to marry you."

Now, Atalanta was a clever girl, as well as a swift runner, so she told her father, "Very well then, let there be a race. But you must let me run in it too. And if I am not the winner, I will accept the wishes of the young man who is. If I am the winner, I will choose for myself what I will do."

The king agreed to this. He would have his way, marry off his daughter, and enjoy a fine day of racing, as well. So he called his messengers together, and directed them to travel far and wide to announce the race with its wonderful prize: the chance to marry the bright Atalanta.

Meanwhile, Atalanta herself was preparing for the race. Each day at dawn, she went to the field in secret, until she could run the course in just three minutes, more quickly than anyone had ever run it before.

As the day of the race grew near, young men began to crowd into the town. Each was sure he could win the prize, the except for one. That was young John, who lived in the town. He knew Atalanta well, for he saw her day be day as she bought nails and wood to make a pigeon house, or sat reading a book in the gardens, or chose parts for her telescope, or laughed with her friends. Young John say the princess only from a distance, but he understood how bright and clever she was. He wished very much to race with her; to win and to earn the right to talk with her, and become her friend. "For surely," he said to himself, "it is not right for Atalanta's father to give her away to the winner of the race. Atalanta herself must choose whom she wants to marry, or whether she wishes to marry at all. Still, if I could only win the race, I would be free to speak to her, and to ask for her friendship!"

Each evening, after his studies of the stars and the seas, John went to the field in secret and practiced running across it. Night after night, he raced as fast as the wind across the twilight field, until he could cross it in three minutes, more quickly, he thought, than anyone had run across it before.

At last, the day of the race arrived. Trumpets sounded, and the young men gathered along the edge of the field, along with Atalanta herself, the prize that they sought. The king and his friends sat in soft chairs, and the townspeople stood along the course of the race. The king rose to address them all. "Good day!" he said to the crowds. "Good luck!" he said to the young men. To Atalanta, he said "Goodbye. I must tell you farewell, for tomorrow, you will be married."

"I am not too sure of that, father" Atalanta answered, and she went to stand in line with the young men. "Not one of them," she said to herself, "can win the race, for I will run as fast as the wind, and leave them all behind."

And now, a bugle sounded, and the runners were off!

The crowds cheered as the young men and Atalanta began to race across the field. At first, they ran as a group, but Atalanta soon pulled ahead, with three of the young men close after her. As they neared the half-way point, one of them put on a great burst of speed and seemed to pull ahead for an instant, but then gasped, and fell back. Atalanta shot on! Soon, another young man, tense with the effort, drew near to Atalanta. He reached out as if to touch her sleeve, stumbled for an instant, and lost speed. Atalanta smiled as she ran on. "I have almost won!" she thought. Just then another young man drew near to her. This was young John, running like the wind, as steadily and as swiftly as Atalanta herself. Atlanta felt his closeness, and in a sudden burst, she dashed ahead. But young John didn't give up. "Nothing at all," thought he, "will keep me from winning my chance to speak with Atalanta," and on he ran, swift as the wind, until he ran as her equal, side by side with her, toward the golden ribbon that marked the race's end. Atalanta was aware of him, and she raced even faster. But young John was a strong match for her. Smiling with the pleasure of the race, Atalanta and young John reached the finish line together, and together they broke through the golden ribbon that marked it!

Trumpets blew! The crowd shouted and leaped about! The king rose. "Who is this young man?" he asked.

"I am young John from the town," young John answered.

"Very well, young John," said the king, as John and Atalanta stood before him. "You have not won the race, but you have come closer to winning than any man here. And so I give you the prize that was promised: the right to marry my daughter."

Young John smiled at Atalanta, and she smiled back. "Thank you, sir," said John to the king, "but I could not possibly marry your daughter unless she wished to marry me. I have run this race for the chance to talk with Atalanta."

Atalanta laughed with pleasure. "And I," she said to John, "could not possibly marry you before I've gone out to see the world. But I would like nothing better than to spend the afternoon with you." And she held out her hand to young John, who took it. Then the two of them sat and talked on the grassy field. Atalanta told John about her telescopes and her pigeons, and John told Atalanta about his globes and his geography studies. At the end of the day, they were friends.

The next day, John set off by ship to discover new lands, and Atalanta set off on horseback to visit great cities. The king stayed home and thought about how the world was changing. When he was young, daughters always wanted to get married. But now Atalanta is still off in the world, visiting towns and cities, and John is still sailing the seas. Perhaps someday they'll be married, and perhaps they will not. In any case, it is certain they are both living happily ever after.

--Atalanta, Alan Alda "Free to Be You and Me"
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